Our Promise

  • Unlike most clubs we have no joining fee or annual membership fee.
  • We offer 3 weeks free to give you a chance to try it and give it a go.
  • All fees and surplus money is put straight back into the club and our coaches give their time freely.
  • After the first 3 weeks fees are as follows:

Mat Fees

Saturdays  - Monthly fee at the rate of £4 per week or pay as you go at the rate of £5 per week.  

Mondays  -  £4 per week pay as you go.

Your Licence

Licences are your personal insurance with either organisation AJA  or BJC and this covers you for your personal public liability insurance and is your record of grading's, awards and competitions attended. The cost for the AJA is £20 per annum for ages up to 16 and £25 for adults. The cost for the BJC is £27 per annum for up to age 18 and £34 for adults.

Judo suits and accessories

We can supply Blitz suits to you at the following prices:

  • Sizes 120 - 150  -  £15.50 (white)
  • Sizes 120 - 150 - £16.50 (blue)
  • Sizes 160 - 210  -  £27.50 
  • We can also supply Adidas and Fighting Films suits at discount prices - please ask for details.
  • We have a stock of children's judo duffle bags for £7.50 and our own club badge for £3.